Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date Idea

Ever seen the game show "Lets Make a Deal". . .(if not goggle it, and you can probably watch an episode on hulu)  I took that idea and turned it into a date night.
My Husband first had to pick from the two big boxes, after he found out what date it was he could either choose to keep that date, or pick a date from the 1.2.3 little boxes, once again he could keep that date or choose from the dates. so. . . .
"Let's Make a Date!"

(Someone asked for the Date Ideas)
Date Ideas I used:
1.  I want your body-Tonight we are focusing on our bodies.  We will go swimming at your Health Club and then eat Dinner at Subway
2.  Disney on Ice- Okay maybe on Disney, but we can make our own motion picture while trying to stay on our feet at the Ice skating Rink!
3.  Where a kid can be a Kid- Hope you feel like being a kid, cause tonight we are joining Chuck-e-Cheese for pizza and games!
4.  James Bond- Ready to practice your moves, because I know you have the looks.  we will be shooting it up at the Gun Range!
5.  Night on the town- Tonight is two tickets to "(movie that is playing)" and dessert at "(your favorite restaurant)"
6.  Stress Relief- Tonight is all about relieving stress, while you will be receiving a 1 hour massage, and relaxing in bliss I will be out getting what you want for dinner, then we will be having a picnic in the back of the van. (I had taken all the seats out and laid blankets down, cause it was to cold and windy to have a real picnic)
7.  Night on the town- Tonight we will be dinning at cheesecake factory and "talking about our feeling until the breath is sucked out our bodies" (2 weeks notice)
8.  Drive in Movie- Tonight is your favorite fast food restaurant and a movie in the back seat!  (again I had the blankets ready with our laptop-we would of picked a movie at Redbox, or just watched one we had.)
9. Good ole' days- Get ready to show me your skills, because tonight we are going bowling. . .loser pays for dinner!  (we used to take a bag of m&m's and make a throw for each color, and then whatever color of m&m we picked out we would have to throw it that way. for example say yellow was a left handed throw, and red was a through the legs throw, blue was a kick throw, ect)

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