Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Broken Glass??

My first experience in playing with Mosaic stuff.  My sister in law asked me to help her with this project.  It was a first time for both of us, so we learned a little, and had a lot of fun! She had a broken vase she wanted to use, so she broke them up into fingertips size pieces.  I had a piece of framed canvas that we decided to use.
We mixed up some white grout and applied a thick layer to the whole thing. We then laid the glass in a heart shaped and filled it in.   We later decided to scrape the rest of the grout off.

We then let it dry for a while and then cleaned off the glass with a sponge. She took it home to let it dry and then she was going to spray paint the canvas white and tie a ribbon around it with a saying. 
I am excited that it really worked and actually turned out since neither one of us knew what we were doing!!  So next time you break a vase, don't worry we have a project for you!

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Robert and Cassie said...

That is so cool! I didn't know that's how you do it! Definitely a project to try out in the future!