Friday, March 11, 2011

Coming Back

You know I have to say that I have the most wonderful sister! She has been keeping up with the blog while I have been rerouting my family to Idaho. So I am coming back to the bloggin world! So moving in includes boxes, and a lot of re-organizing. So here was the current state of toys at our house... A mess.
Well... Imagine all the toys on the floor of the closet. I didn't a picture of it before I pulled all the toys out. This is what our living room looked like after I pulled out all the toys in the closet.
This is what the closet look liked after I organized it! I LOVE TO BE ORGANIZED. So let me tell you a little about our toy closet. We live in a gorgeous little town house, and under the stairs is this decent closet that I decided all of the toys were going to reside in there. The kids love this little cave of funness, and I love that it is in one area.


Christy said...

Looks great Aimee! Glad you are getting settle in Idaho. Are you glad to be back...or it's probably not the same since your family is not there? Hope you are doing well!

Robert and Cassie said...

That looks so great! It's so fun being organized! What a fun place for the kiddos!