Friday, February 25, 2011


This weeks Lesson is "I have a body like Heavenly Father" -this one can be really fun!!

Mon- Sing songs and Discuss the lesson for the week.  Songs:  Head, shoulders, knees and toes, Do as I'm doing, I have two little hands, Stand up, Two little eyes. . .

Tues- Library Day. . .any books about the body or body parts, shouldn't be hard to find!

Wed- Body Part Dice. . .make a large die and draw pictures of six different body parts, have the kids roll the dice and find the body part!

Thurs- Get a large piece of butcher paper and trace your child's body, let them draw the details in!

Fri- Show your children how the heart pumps!  Get a clear balloon and fill it with water that has been colored red with food coloring.  Put a straw into the balloon, and tape it really well.  Have the kids squeeze the balloon while you hold it over the sink, this give the kids an idea of how the heart pumps blood.

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Christy said...

THIS is a GREAT and important lesson. ;)