Friday, March 4, 2011


A lady was telling me about this bow technique, so I had to try it out to go with my girls Easter dresses.  You will need the ribbon that has wire in it, I used a 2 inch ribbon, if you want a smaller flower then don't use such a wide ribbon.  I had 9 feet of ribbon and needed to make 4 bows, so I ended up with about 28 inches for each flower,and I felt like that was a good amount, if you want the flower to be fuller then do more, if you don't want it as full as mine, then do less.
You'll want to find the wires on one side and pull them both out a little bit and tie them together as tight as you can, then from the other side you will pull both wires until the ribbon is gathered.  So when you're all done you should have 4 wires sticking out, two on each side.  Tie off the wires and clip them down. 
Then you'll want to vertically twist it, until it's bunched up to look like a flower. After you glue that down add a little button or sparkle gem in the middle. 
I then took some green ribbon and folded like this, to use as the leaf. 
Here are the flowers that I made. The first ones I twisted a little tighter then the second ones, and you can tell that they are different sizes.  I think my favorites are the littler ones!! 


Christy said...

Those are darling!! I will have to give that a try!

Tricia said...

these are so cute!