Thursday, March 3, 2011

Down Feather Pillows

My father in law kept all the feathers from his goose hunting this past season and asked me to make some pillows, since I was using feather, I ended up using this fabric I had from some curtains someone gave me.  They are super thick and has a lining on the back, which I figured would help the feathers from poking through.  I was making nine little travel pillows, so I cut them 12x18
This just shows what the backing looked like.  If you are to make some I would suggest using a thick heavy decor fabric.
I sewed up three sides, and left one of the short sides open so I would have enough room to stuff the feathers.
I enlisted my stuffers to help!
The kids had a blast stuffing with feathers everywhere, in our hair up our noses, we all took turns sneezing!  If you haven't ever seen down feathers, they are a little different then feathers you buy at the store, most of them didn't have a "shaft",and are just a ball of fluff, so they would easy fly in the air. Think baby geese, how they are just a ball of fluff at first, that's what we were using!!
After we stuffed them, I just turned the edges in about a half an inch and sewed it together. Here they are all done, I ended up having enough to do a standard size for grandpa. Don't they look so fluffy!!  They were amazing how you would push down on them and move your hand, and they would bounce right back, not like the store ones at all!! 100% better!!
We went to the fabric store and let the kids pick out what fabric they wanted. I love how they look with the pillow cases.  A really good tutorial here for the pillowcases. That is for a standard pillowcase, but really easy to size it down or up.


Connie~ said...

They are the most wonderful pillows! I bet the kids just love them, especially since they helped with them. Great idea!

Christy said...

Wow! That is a lot of work. I would have needed a long nap after that project! haha! I bet they are so soft and comfy though. Great job Kim!