Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funky Scarf

I made this the other day to wear to a Church "birthday Celebration"  The fabric was the cupcake fabric I had left over from the pillow cases.
You will need strips of fabric cut 5 inches wide, and then either one long piece of 38-42 inches (depending on how long you want the scarf and how you are going to tie it.) I was using my scraps like I said so I had to sew mine together to make it 38 inches long.  I didn't want to worry about seams, so I just laid the fabric together and zigzaged the two pieces together.  
So what you should ended up with is 2 lengths of 5x38 inches.  I used the same color for the back and on the front alternated a white on white dot, and the cupcake fabric.  You will then take those two strips and putting them wrong sides together, sew two strips down the middle.  I made mine about an inch apart, so I basically sewed 1/2 inch from the middle on both sides.  Then take your scissors and cut into the fabric on both sides.  This doesn't need to be exact, because after this step you will be washing it and it will create a shaggy look and no one will notice the space between each cut.
After I had washed it and dried it, it still wasn't looking quite as "scrunchy" as I had envisioned, so I took some really thin elastic and threaded it up the two ends until it was the look I wanted.  

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Christy said...

that is darling!! I love the look of that. And it looks especially cute on you! You look so good Kimberly! And so tiny!